Friday, February 10, 2012

My Thursday

We went out yesterday with my friend for coffee. But the planned “coffee” ended up a little bit of shopping in the mall.  After spending almost 5hrs shopping, chit-chatting and of course chasing with our little ones.

Here are some of my catches,:)
 I like the color of this nail polish. Love & Beauty in Sage color (excuse the blur)

Look how cute these rings from F21

 I wasn’t planning to buy anything (particularly shoes) but my friend dragged me to Cathy Jean...  went in to the store, thinking to myself (I’m not going to buy anything :( ), and there’s this brown booties that caught my eyes, when I was trying it on... my friend was like “that’s a cute one” and I was like “yeah, but im not going to buy it” and she goes “why not? its 70% off”  when I heard the 70% I looked for the sales person right away and asked for my size (of course), lol. In short the shoes went home with me! The best part? My friend paid for it. :) (thank you, sissy!).

Have a glamorous day! xoxo

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