Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big Move

Top- J.Crew Factory similar here Jacket- Target similar here Pants and shoes- Zara Necklace- thrifted Watch- Fossil

Hi, there! As I mentioned on this post, we'll be moving next month to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia due to my husband's job. For a personal style blogger like me, this could be a nightmare. Just a little info about Saudi Arabia, other than women are not allowed to drive in Saudi, women also MUST wear a long Abaya. They wear the abaya over their normal clothes and as well as a veil over their hair when they leave the house. You can google it further if you're interested. Even though the Abaya is traditionally worn by Muslim women, women in Riyadh must wear this overgarment when in public, even if you're not Muslim, or else you're going to get "questioned" by the Mutawa (religious police). However, the more I read books, watched documentary videos, and talked to other expat families about living in Riyadh, my worries and anxiety have kind of eased a little.

Wearing an Abaya, eh? No worries! My husband is my biggest supporter and encourager in whatever goal I may have, especially on my blogging. Because I was worrying about our move to Saudi and wearing an Abaya, my husband bought me this photo studio set last Valentine's Day so we can take my photos inside the house (talk about thoughtful husband :)). My husband and I have no knowledge about photography what so ever, so right now just bear with us until we learn the set up. For now, I'm asking you ladies (and gents?) to wish us luck on our BIG move!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Cardigan- Zara(kids section) similar here Blazer (old)- similar here Belt- thrifted Skirt (old)- Zara Tights- Target Shoes- H&M

Hello there! I hope everything is going well with you guys! Sorry for the lack of updates here lately. I was just a bit lethargic for the past couple of days/(weeks?). And right when I was fully charged and ready to blog again, my son got sick and, obviously, I was on extra-extra mommy duty.

If my last post here and here was taking baby steps in wearing leopard prints, today I'm almost ready to let out my inner beast (Roarrr!!) :D. I'm still a little hesitant of how wild this cardigan is, which is why I toned it down a little by wearing a black blazer over it. I was actually on the hunt for leopard print top when I found this one. I searched high and low before I finally found one...in the kids area. Yes, ladies! I'm guilty of shopping in the kids section (not just for my kid!), but ONLY when I see something that will suit my style....like this cardigan (kids size 14 about equal to a 0/2 adult size). How about you guys did you ever shop in kids section for your own clothes?