Friday, December 14, 2012

sequins collar + tweed jacket + studded shoes

Hello loves! How's everything? My Husband and I celebrated 8th year anniversary. Our plan  was actually this weekend but, right after his work we decided to go out for dinner, like, pronto! So as I'm rushing I didn't really get a chance to plan what to wear. Because we were going to a dinner, I wanted to dress a little bit. But I think my little went too much. As you can see in the picture, I threw a mix of everything: sequins, tweeds, animal print, and studs. I don't know what's going on with this outfit, I mean it's a mess! (please don't try this at home, this is only done by the professional, lol)
oh well, at least something different, right? :)
That's it for now friends! Enjoy your day and have a wonderful weekend! Xoxo

I was wearing:
Jacket- Target here and here
Blouse- F21
Pants- ZARA
Shoes- ZARA
Clutch(old)- similar here

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I just wanted to share

Hello, Loves! How's the week treating you so far? Sorry, but today I don't have a full outfit to post. I just wanted to share a little peek of my Christmas decor. I'm actually re-arranging them, I've had them up since right after Thanksgiving. I have a 3 year old boy in the house so, it's hard to keep the decorations staying where they're suppose to be *sign*. Anyways, are you guys all ready and set for holiday? As for the decorations I think I'm ready. I can't really go all out when it comes to decorations we're living right now in an apartment and the space are very limited. These decorations are the only I have with me, the rest are in storage.

Here are some of my favorites ornaments. Celebrate HOPE, JOY, PEACE and LOVE(not in the picture) my son took it and hang it somewhere *sign*.
This one is also my favorite, the Nativity scene. This was actually passed on to me from my mother-in-law. She said she had this for how many decades already and I'm so happy she gave me it to me.
There you guys, this is me letting you know a little thing about me :). Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting! Xoxo

I was wearing:
Sweaters (yellow & striped blue)- GAP
Cardigan (old)- BCBG similar here
Leggings- ZARA

Monday, December 10, 2012

no memory...

Hi! How was your weekend, loves? My family and I went to Air Space Museum last saturday. My husband took some photos of me inside the museum. After a few hours of making poses, my husband looked showed me the screen of camera and all I see is red blinking light that said "No Memory Card"! Hahaha! To make the story short we had to go to the store across the street and buy a card. We ended up taking my photos outside.
Thanks for visiting, have a great day! Xoxo

I was wearing:
Hat- Forever21
Jacket- Sammy-dress
Jeans- Forever21
Booties (old)- Steve Madden similar here

Friday, December 7, 2012

bow sweater

Hi lovelies! How are you guys today? Let me introduce you to my current slight obsession, BOWS! I like all kinds of bows, but today I'm not wearing a bow in a traditional way. I wore it in a different sort of way. This sweater with a bow tie print on it from forever21 is super adorable!

For the past few days, the weather has been really good (around 70 degrees), but today it's going to start to get cold again here (40 degrees!) brrrr! If it's also cold in your area, stay warm! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Xoxo

I was wearing: 
Sweater- Forever21 
Jacket- Forever21 
Jeans (old)- Mango 
Bag- Zara 
Shoes (old)- similar here 
Ring- J.Crew

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

for the love of leopard!

Hola amigos! ¿Cómo están ustedes hoy? Please excuse my Spanish, when the weathers really nice like today, I get excited and I like to use a little bit of my Spanish blood in me! LOL
Today is a very casual outfit. If you have been following my blog, you may already have noticed my love for leopard prints. These shoes are one of the additional ones I got from last week (thanks to cyber monday!).
My son and I are going for a stroll at the park getting some vitamin D!  We're going to take advantage of the sun before it gets gloomy again.
By the way, I credit my 3 years old son who took these shots for me. I think he has a future in photography, don't you? 

Thank you for visiting! Xoxo

Outfit: Sweater(old)- Zara here Scarf(old)- Macy's similar here Jeans- Forever21 Shoes- Steven by Steve Madden here

Sunday, December 2, 2012

70's inspired

Hi lovelies! How are you guys doing on the second day of December? Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? I started shopping yesterday with my family. I missed black friday last week because my little one was running a fever. Fortunately, thanks to cyber monday  I did a little bit of shopping on a few online store (I ended up buying stuff for myself.. again :).) Before heading to the mall we made a stop at the park to take a few quick snaps for my OOTD. I got this inspiration when I was going through some old magazines from the 70's. So, I decided to reinvent some of the outfits I liked the most. For instance, these bell bottom jeans that I have had forever.These are one of my favorite jeans.. I call these jeans my trusty jeans, lol.

I was wearing: Sweaters- Marshalls Jeans- (old) similar here Shoes- similar here

Thank you so much for visiting! Xoxo

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi lovelies! I know it's been a while since my last post, forgive me for not updating sooner. Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving day here in America of course I wanted to give thanks to all of you visiting my blog.
Thank you so much!

On my personal life I have a lot to be thankful for, especially this past year. I'll keep that list for my prayers later tonight though, because if I write them down it will take me until Thanksgiving next year before I finish! :)
Again, thank you all!

I was wearing:
Top- (old) Gap Jacket- similar here Scarf- (old) similar here Skirt- Target Tights- Target Bag- H&M Ring- J. Crew Shoes- gift

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Baltimore, MD

I was wearing:
Yellow topGAP
Polka dot top- Thrifted
JeansAnn Taylor
Nicklace(local store)
Ring- J.Crew
Leg warmers (old)- similar here
Boots (old)- similar here

Hi loves! How's your weekend so far? Today we went to the Inner Harbor area in Baltimore just to get out of town. It was a nice place for sight-seeing and it's family friendly. The place has lots of sights, restaurants, and shops. We didn't see the whole place because it's too big for just a couple hours.  It was also too cold to walk around much. We'll probably be going back there again to explore some more. The weather was very overcast, so I wore this bright yellow shirt to brighten the atmosphere a little :). 

Oh, and just to let you know, I'm still going to respond to all your messages on my last post (Thank you! I love comments!).  We literally just got back and I am exhausted from the trip.  I just wanted to post this while the thoughts are fresh on my mind.

Thank you for visiting! Xoxo

Saturday, October 20, 2012

burgundy and plaid

I was wearing:
Tops(Plaid/Cardigan(old))- Wet Seal
Pants- ZARA
Boots- (old) Nordstrom
Bag- (old) ZARA

Hi, lovelies! Burgundy, oxblood, merlot, wine, dark red, maroon or whatever you call it, I welcomed this color season with arms wide open. I'm not sure why burgundy is the latest "trend" color this season.  Maybe because the color seems to be everywhere.  Just think of fallen leaves, they there are every year.
When I saw this burgundy pants at Zara, I knew I needed to have them in my closet. I also already knew exactly how I was going to wear them in different styles (well, that's how I actually shop every time) :).
I wore this outfit when we walked around DC. Notice the sunglasses just setting on the top of my head?  well, the weather was bipolar at the time we took these pictures. One minute, it was overcast and looking like the rain was going to drop at anytime.  The next minute, it would be sunny but very windy.  It was off and on like that the whole afternoon.

Here are my other favorites burgundy items under $50
Earrings-Betsey Johnson

Thank you so much for visiting! Have a wonderful day! Xoxo

Thursday, October 11, 2012

knitwear + polka dot leggings

I was wearing: Knitwear/Bag- ZARA Leggings- Wet Seal (on sale) Shoes- Steve Madden Sunglasses- Target

Hi loves! How are you guys today? Just a quick post here. This outfit I wore when I took my little one at the zoo park last week. Sorry I only have one picture taken because most of the shots are my son, it's his favorite place so it's his turn to be in front of the camera :). 

Thank you so much for visiting! Have a wonderful day! Xoxo

Monday, October 8, 2012

FALLing in-love

I was wearing: Sweater- Target Skirt- (old) LOFT (similar here) Bag/Shoes(old)- ZARA (similar here and here)

Hi Loves! So, It's officially fall! Even though this is only my second time to experience the fall season, by far it's my favorite time of year. After a hot summer, finally the weather begins to cool off. I love the leaves changing color from green to red, yellow, orange and purple. I see pumpkin and apples everywhere, I see neighbors decorating their front yard with flowers, scarecrows, halloween and thanksgiving... well, I can go on and on all day why I love fall season :).

On to my outfit! When I see this sweater at Target, I knew I needed to have it. There's a number of reasons why. First, I love the color! Second, it's a sweater perfect for fall. And last but not the least, it's my name on it.. well, not EXACTLY my name but the MEANING of it :).

How about you guys what do you like about the fall/autumn season?