Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blue + Orange

I love this new top.. cranes are happen to be one my favorite bird
Top- Pull and Bear Pants- ZARA Bag- (old) Mango Shoes- ZARA

Hi! As you reading this I'm probably thousands of feet up high by now. I'm on my way to the Philippines where I was born and raised. It's been a long time since I last visited my family and I really miss them so much. I especially miss my Mom, which is the main reason for my visit. My Mom has been having issues with her health lately.  It's the main reason why I've been stressful for the last couple of months and not blogging that much. I'll be flying with my son, it's going to be his first time to the Philippines. Its also going to be his first time meeting my side of family in person so, this is going to be an awesome reunion for us.

Ta-ta for now! I'll respond to all your messages when I get back :).

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gold + Green / Happy Mother's Day!

Outfit all ZARA: Top Pants Shoes Necklace-gifted Watch- Coach Flowers- from my two boys :)

Hi, lovelies! First, let me greet all the incredible mothers out there a Happy Mother's day! As far as celebrating mother's day, I already celebrated a few days ago. Because it's mama's day, mommy got to request for anything, (right, moms??) :). I only requested something simple. I wanted to eat in a buffet restaurant..hehehe.(see my instagram pic HERE). My dear husband took me to not just a regular buffet resto, but a "I wanted to throw-up when I saw the BILL" kind of restaurant. LOL just kidding! It was all worth the price well, I made it worth and spent there for three hours :). Although we already celebrated two days ago, my two boys still surprised me with gifts and flowers today :), they're just the sweetest ever!

Why we celebrated two days early you may ask? Well, here in Saudi,  Thursday and Friday are the weekend and Saturday is the start of the week. Yup, this is one of the many quirky aspects of Saudi life that I'm trying to get used to.

Again, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!  I hope you enjoyed this special day! And to everyone else, I hope you had a wonderful day with your moms and made more great memories with her.

Thanks for visiting! Have a glamorous day!
Xoxo - Amor