Wednesday, January 30, 2013

gingham + polka dot

Top- Polka dot similar HERE and HERE / Gingham(old) similar HERE and HERE Jeans(old)- Target similar HERE Watch- Fossil Ring- J.Crew similar HERE Boots(old)- similar HERE and HERE 

Hi, loves! I almost made the title "oppan gangnam" for some reason it's easier for me to say the word Gangnam than Gingham, LOL. Who doesn't know that gangnam song?!  Even my 3 year old son can perfectly sing that song and of course, the famous dance steps too! However, I love my gingham shirt than the PSY song :).
I love how versatile this shirt is, it add a "pop" of pattern to just about any outfit (see my last year outfit here). I bought this polka dotted shirt a couple months ago,  but I had not worn it until yesterday.  I was having trouble pairing it with other print shirts that I have.  After having no luck with many trials of other patterns I used to layer with, I heard my son singing the "gangnam song" and had an "a-ha!" moment!  My gangnam... I mean gingham shirt! I immediately wore the button up shirt and sweater and BAM! My strolling to the mall/park outfit was made! 

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Snapshots of 2012

Hi loves! Today, I have nothing to show for my outfit. It's too freezing outside to take photos!  I did my errands anyway before the weather became too cold yesterday. The weather outside is a good time to stay home and cuddle with your love ones :). It also gave me a time to go through my photos from last year. Here are some of the highlights of my outfits from 2012. I know it's almost February, sorry it came out late!  Today was the only time for me to go through my old pictures. While looking at my outfits that I posted last year, believe me, there was a lot of "EEEKKK!" and "EEEWWW!" screaming going on. There was also more of "what was I thinking to wear that outfit?!" and "did I did the pose on purpose?" LOL. Oh well, I learned my lesson :). There's a lot of them and I only wanted to choose ones that are not going to hurt your eyes :).  So here we go, enjoy! 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

on (sweater) repeat

Sweater- Marshalls similar here Chambray(old)-similar here Necklace- J.Crew Factory similar here Pants-ZARA (blue color here) Boots(old)- similar here

Hi loves! Welcome!  Don't worry, you're not lost! This is my new look! No, not me.. my blog! :) I decided to change my blogs outfit....I mean LOOK ;) because I feel like the old one doesn't signify my personality, this one feels more like me! Pink is my favorite color and I love anything with hearts. Or should I say hearts are my favorite shape?! I know, I know.. I have favorites with anything,  if you haven't noticed yet, im so girly! :)
For todays outfit post, I'm wearing my current favorite sweater, which you've seen here. What I like about this sweater is it's thick enough that I could only wear 2 layers and, without adding another jacket over it, I'm still warm (by the way it was 40-45 degress outside when I wore this).

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Monday, January 21, 2013

layered: tunic+cardigan+purple tights

See the stain? I'm messier than my 3yr old son when I'm eating, :)

Tunic Dress(old)-Thrifted Cardigan(old)-Zara Scarf-gift Belt-H&M Tights-Target Watch-Fossil Shoes(old)-Target

Hi, loves! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! My husband and I took our little one to the Children's Museum last weekend. There's nothing brand new on this outfit except for the scarf that my husband got me from one of his trips last month. I'm actually wearing 4 layers here, thermal underwear, cashmere turtle neck which you can see (blue) peeking through the neck of my tunic dress, and a cardigan. I belted it so as not to lose my womanly curves and look like a rolled up ball. Oh, I also had a coat, but I took it off while we were strolling and taking pictures. I put it back on after the sun started to set and I couldn't handle the chills anymore. 

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

two-tone jumper + black coat

Jumper- Target similar here Coat- TJMaxx similar here Jeans- F21 Shoes (old)- similar here Sunnies- Target

Hi, loves! How are you guys today? I'm just going to show what I wore the other day doing my errands. I don't know what happen to the weather! Its supposed to be snowing today but instead it's just another rain and mist kind of day. My son has been waiting for it to snow since Christmas, but no luck. The weather outside right now is making me want to drink some very hot cocoa, throw on a cozy blanket and sleep all day. But of course I can't do that because I have a three year old boy who's full of energy! The only way to get rid of my son's excess energy is to dance.  He loves to sing and dance! So right now, Pandora (toddler station) is blasting in the living room and we're dancing like nobody's business (I'm more like stomping feet and waving my hands, hahaha!). I hope my neighbor downstairs is not home today or else I might be expecting a knock on my front door. :)

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Monday, January 14, 2013

foggy day(outfit)

This is how foggy it was all day and night
Hi lovelies! How was your weekend? The weekend for me is typically our family days.  We usually go places and eat out or stay home and watch movies. Yesterday was not a good day to take photos outside or anywhere in DC.  It was very foggy all day long. That's why Hubby and I decided to take my OOTD photos at the patio in our apartment. Thanks to my husband for good camera settings.  we got enough lighting and he even added some "leaves effects" hehehe.

On to my outfit! I'm wearing this high/low dress or, as they call it "mullet".  I bought this dress a couple weeks ago (check your local H&M store, it's on sale!).  It's two sizes bigger than what my usual size is, but, because the dress is too fitted, two size bigger is perfectly fit for me. What I like about this dress is that there is plenty of room to accessorize.  I can also make different styles to wear.  For now, I just throw on some scarves, added a leopard belt, and paired it with boots.

Have a glamorous day! Hope you'll have a great week ahead!


I was wearing:
Dress- H&M similar here and here
Scarf/Belt (old)
Tights- Target
Boots (old) similar here