Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30, 2012 OOTD

I went to the dentist for my checkup. My dentist said he didn't find any cavities (surprisingly!). I haven't gone to the dentist in a while, and I'm scheduled for deep cleaning (ouchie!).
Tomorrow we're taking the little one to go easter egg hunting. That's what he's been waiting for this weekend but the weatherman said 70% sure it's going to rain tomorrow. If that's the case I'll probably need to make a plan B because I'm not so looking forward getting soaked and being cold in the rain.
How about you lovelies, what is your plan this weekend?

Top from Papaya Clothing
Jeans from MNG by Mango JCPenney
Shoes from Nordstrom 
Bag from ZARA 
Sunnies & Bracelets from H&M 
Watch from Coach

Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting! Xoxo


  1. i love this outfit, the blouse is very beautiful!
    thanks for oyur nice comment amor, yes I feel a bit better now! But I really think I look quite tired on my last post - but I'm happy if it's not so "obious" than I thought!

    xxx Anita

  2. I reaaaally like this look. The yellow shirt is amazing and so is the leopard shooe

  3. love the look! I love the combination of the leopard with the yellow!

  4. Love your bag :)

  5. really cute-especially lovin the shoes!
    follow each other?

  6. really nice look!
    i love your shoes.
    maren anita

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  7. I hope the Easter egg hunt went well. I remember one year when I was a little girl and the weather was horrible. My sisters and I were upset because we didn't get to have an Easter egg hunt, so our parents put is in one bedroom and hide the eggs in the rest of the house. We had fun.

    1. Aha! That was exactly what happened to us! The little ones had fun too! :D

  8. cute!!!

  9. what a lovely yellow! love it!

  10. love the yellow on you~

    xo Nav